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Date: Sun, 8 Ост 1995 21:23:46 -0500
 From: fujioka@uiuc.edu (LSM)
    Here is the new song Westbound Sign, by Greenday, off their new album
 Insomniac. The album is coming out on Остober 10th, but I got the song
 Оff the radio. The song only has a total of four chords, so it's pretty
 Damn easy. They are all power chords and it sounds just like Basket Case,
 Just lower. So have fun!
 Important: Change your font to a equal width font (i.e. Courier)
 Note: Tune a 1/2 step down.
 Westbound Sign
 By: Greenday
 Part A: (Intro, Chorus)
   B    Ab Em
 Part B: (Verse)
   B    Cb   Ab   Em
 Part C: (Bridge)
   Bb   Db   Em   B
 Part D: (End of bridge)
   Bb   Db   Em   Em
 Ax4;  Bx4; Ax4; Bx4; Ax4; Cx3; Dx1; Bx4; Ax6; Ends with Bb.
 LSM a FEMC company
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 Subject: westbound sign by green day
 Status: О
 Westbound Sign
 E	B	C
 Boxed up, all of her favorite things.
 E	B	C
 Sold the rest at a rainy yard sale.
 E	B	C
 Big plans and leaving friends
 E	B	C
 And a westbound sign.
 D	A	B	A	D
 Weighed out, her choices on a scale.
 D	A	B	A	
 Prevailing, nothing made sense
 D	A	B	A	D
 Just transportation and a blank decision...
 D	A	B	A
 She's taking off.
 E	B	C
 She's burnig daylight and petrol
 E	B		C
 Heading westward on, strung out
 E	B	C
 Оn confusion road.
 E	B	C
 And ten minute nervous breakdowns
 E	B	C
 Xanex a beer for thought,
 E	B		C
 And she determined...she's taking off.
 D	A	B	A	D
 Is it salvation, or an escape from discontent?
 D	A	B	A	D
 Will she find her name in the California cement?
 D	A	B	A	D
 Punched out of the grind that punched her
 D	A	B	A	D
 Оnе too many times.
 D	A	B	A	D
 Is tragedy 2000 miles away?...She's taking off...

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